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EXOS . A brand of {Ethernet controller} card and Ethernet software for {Unix}. (1995-01-12)
expanded memory . Memory used through {EMS}. In systems based on {Intel 80386} or later processor expanded memory is part of the {extended memory} that is mapped into the {expanded memory page frame} by the processor. The mapping is controlled by the {EMM}. In earlier systems, a dedicated {EMS} hardware adaptor is needed to map memory into the page frame. In both cases, an appropriate {device driver} is needed for the proper communication between hardware and {EMM}. (1996-01-10)
expanded memory manager . (EMM) {IBM PC} memory manager software implementing {Expanded Memory Specification}, such as {EMM386} or {QEMM386}. EMMs can usually provide {UMB} as well. (1996-01-10)
expanded memory page frame . The part of the {IBM PC} {reserved memory} address space used by {EMS}. (1996-01-10)
Expanded Memory Specification . (EMS) An {IBM PC} memory {paging} scheme enabling access to memory other than {conventional memory} in {real mode}. {Expanded memory} is provided through a {page frame} of at least 64 {kilobytes} in the {reserved memory} address region. Access to this memory is provided by an {expanded memory manager} (EMM) software. The EMM functions are accessible through {interrupt} 67H. In {8086} or {8088} based systems this is the only way to use memory beyond conventional memory. In systems based on {80286} or later, {XMS} and {HMA} provide alternative methods. EMS was developed jointly by {Lotus}, {Intel}, and {Microsoft} prior to 1988. Accordingly, this specification is sometimes referred to as LIM EMS. A complete discussion of EMS and programming examples can be found in ["PC System Programming for developers", 1989, ISBN 1-55755-035-2 (Book only) and ISBN 1-55755-036-0 (Book and diskette)]. {EEMS}, a competing expanded memory management standard, was developed by {AST Research}, {Quadram} and {Ashton-Tate}. See also {upper memory block}. (1996-01-10)
expansion card . A circuit board which can be plugged into one of a computer's {expansion slots} to provide some optional extra facility such as additional {RAM}, {disk controller}, {coprocessor}, {graphics accelerator}, communication device or some special-purpose interface. Different computers have different standards for the cards they accept, e.g. {PCI}. (1998-06-26)
expansion slot . A connector in a computer into which an {expansion card} can be plugged. The connector supplies power to the card and connects it to the {data bus}, {address bus} and control signals of the {motherboard}. (1998-06-26)
expect . A {Unix} tool written in {Tcl} and a {script language} for automating the operation of {interactive} applications such as {telnet}, {FTP}, {passwd}, {fsck}, {rlogin}, {tip}, etc.. Expect can feed input to other programs and perform {pattern matching} on their output. It is also useful for testing these applications. By adding {Tk}, you can also wrap interactive applications in {X11} {GUI}s. {Home (http://expect.nist.gov/)}. ["expect: Scripts for Controlling Interactive Tasks", Don Libes, Comp Sys 4(2), U Cal Press Journals, Nov 1991]. (1997-06-09)
eXperimental LISP . (xlisp) An experimental programming language combining a subset of {Common Lisp} with an {object-oriented} extension capability (Class and Object types). It was implemented by David Micheal Betz at Apple to allow experimentation with {object-oriented programming} on small computers. The {C} {source code} has been ported to {Unix}, {Microsoft Windows}, {Macintosh}, {Amiga}, {Atari}, and {MS-DOS}. Version 2.1 of the {interpreter}, by Tom Almy is closer to Common Lisp. Latest version: 2.1, as of 1992-05-26. {(ftp://wasp.eng.ufl.edu/)}, {(ftp://cs.orst.edu/)}, {(ftp://glia.biostr.washington.edu/)}. E-mail: Tom Almy . {Microsoft Windows version (ftp://ftp.cica.indiana.edu/util/wxlslib.zip)}. {Macintosh version (ftp://netcom.com/pub/bskendig/)}. {Usenet} newsgroup: {news:comp.lang.lisp.x}. (2000-08-14)
Experimental Physics Control Systems . (EPCS) A group of the European Physical Society, focussing on all aspects of controls, especially {informatics}, in experimental physics, including accelerators and experiments. (1994-12-12)
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